Digital Graphics Pty Ltd is the Australian Agent for E-LAB Computers' range of Atmel AVR related products.

Pascal Compiler for Atmel AVR microprocessors

Multi-Task Development System for Atmel's AVR RISC CPU's 90S2313..ATmega256 

and now the new XMega AVRs too!

This is a complete Integrated Development Environment including Programmers' Editor, AVRco Pascal Compiler, Optimiser, Simulator and integrated In Circuit Programmer/debugger.
This is professional class software that can save you hours of development time with all the included drivers. There are also complete sample programs for all drivers and more.

AVRco V4 Standard version...

  • has a powerful project-oriented multi-window editor with syntax and error highlight, Online help
  • Application assistant for interactive design of the application. Generates source code.
  • Pascal-Compiler supports processes, tasks, interrupts and on Chip peripherals.
  • 16- and 32bit Integer
  • includes IEEE floating point , trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
  • has extensive bit manipulation. 
  • Driver for I2C-Bus, LCD-Display, 7-seg LED-Display, RS232, Stepper, LAN
  • Assembler, for machine code in the Pascal source
  • contains as a Bonus a Simulator for Multitask Debugging
  • comes with an ISP3-USB2 In Circuit Programmer / Debugger

AVRco V4 Free version

  • With completely implemented Pointers, Arrays, Records, BitSets etc. Limited to approx. 4kB Flash code. Give it a try and enjoy it. You will not be disappointed. 
  • New version now available for Mega 8.

AVRco V4 Profi version 

All the features of the standard version plus the following:
  • Units in Borland Style
  • Sound driver
  • LCD graphics driver
  • Heap management
  • Table Interpolation
  • EtherNet Stack xUDP
  • FileSystem
  • comes with ISP3-USB2 In Circuit Programmer / Debugger supporting JTAG In Circuit Emulation (ICE)
  • future enhancements:
    Speech output driver, ROM monitor, Objects and more. Watch and change variables with the programmer and ROM monitor in the running system!
  • supports ATmega256
AVRco Free version - download here (>20MB)

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